Specialized carbon steerer tube and third party stems

Hi all

Specialized has a warning on their bike setup that only Specialized stems be used on their carbon steerer tubes. The warning says that some stems have cut-outs that do not grip carbon steerer tubes properly. Is this a legitimate concern?

I purchased a 3T Aptos Stem a while back and thought about using it on my Tarmac until I saw the warning. the 3T stem has a circular cut out but otherwise fits the steerer tube well. Do you guys think I should run the 3T stem or is this a faceplant waiting to happen?

What year Tarmac? I know the Quick a step team has, in the past, run third party stems on their bikes, but if you are talking about one of the new SL7 with an integrated cockpit, that may not be possible.

Plenty of older Specialzied with carbon stems have used third party stems…but again, integration may be the issue with your Tarmac.

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It’s a 2020 SL6 so no integrated stem. The 3T stem fits just dandy on the steerer tube, just wondering if there’s any legitimate concern about Specialized’s warning about using 3rd party stems.

It will be fine running that stem as that’s just a normal fork / stem setup.

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