Are stems matched to aero frames?

Stupid question. Just looking at my bike and wondering if the manufacturer matched that stem to that frame and spacers specifically or are they more generic?

That seems rather proprietary to me.

If you are looking to swap stems, an email to Ari (aka Fezzari) might be worthwhile. It may well be possible to use other stems, but the cable integration aspect of these bikes makes swaps a potential sticking point in some cases.

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With the trend of most frame manufacturers making their own cockpits, likely to gain some watt savings on their white papers, the stems have become proprietary…
However, your bike simply has the FSA SMR system… Some of the smaller brands opt to use an existing stem/spacer offering, and likely have that company make a single specific headset bearing cover adapter for them, as shown on your bike.


Those FSA/Vision spacers split apart so one could be added or removed without altering the brake cables depending on how much slack is present.

I have a gift certificate for a free Enve stem that I wanted to use for this bike, which is why I asked the question.

Would you be moving from an alloy stem to this carbon model?

Spacer kit looks similar to the SMR on your Veyo.
It would be a big job requiring a full brake cable reinstall, bleed, bartape, etc.

Certificate is for an alloy stem.

But as a professional HVACR tech let me tell you that there is nothing on a bicycle that is a “big job” :joy:

Enve’s only alloy stem is their MTB offerings… topping out at 65mm…