Speciality Phase FTP adjustment

So once I move to specialty phase, if I should find that the work outs become easier, should I adjust my % a little to keep pushing, like is suggested in build phase? Or is the intent to not adjust it and just keep yourself at that same original ramp (at start of speciality) FTP? In other words, If I were to adjust it, am I negatively impacting my TSS in a way that over stresses me in specialty phase leading up to my A?

Your first workout in your specialty phase is a Ramp Test so you are starting that phase with an updated FTP. This means that you are most likely not going to need to update your FTP as you go through the plan.

That said, if you find yourself needing to, instead of just throwing a new FTP out there, I would simply suggest taking another Ramp Test. This test was meant to not be incredibly hard on your body so you could either replace a workout with a ramp test during your specialty phase or do it in addition to one of your workouts.

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