Spanish Needle and other 'microburst' workouts

I do them in ERG mode w/out issue.

A couple of tips:

  • Small chainring, middle of your cassette, straight chain line. e.g., 36x21
  • Keep your cadence high and steady, even during the “rest” interval, as in at least 100rpm
  • Get your cadence up to 105-110 during the rest and as the work starts, during the first couple of seconds gradually back off closer to 100. This helps to ramp the resistance quicker.

You will see TR report that your avg is lower than the target after each interval. If this is really bothering you, then increase the loading 1-3%. Be careful! The avg is not telling the whole story. You might not be making the avg per interval, not even once. But, you will probably find your TSS is on target or maybe even a point or two higher. Why? Well, TR is measuring for the exact time interval specified in the workout (e.g., 10min-10min15s vs 15s). The former is what you see programmed into the workout. The latter is any 15s. The trainer takes 2-3sec to ramp up, but it also does not drop resistance immediately either. As a result, TR 15s avg is below target, but you may have actually met the target power over 15s (10min3s - 10min18s). Note the difference between green and yellow below: