Spacers for TT bike

Does anybody know if it is possible to find spacers like these? They are on a BMC TM01 2016 but I am not sure the handlebar is the original one.

If its the original flat TT bar BMC has this you might be able to find something either on this page or googling the parts Timemachine 01 Cockpit Spare Parts Finder | BMC Bikes UK (

I don’t think you will find these. I have the same on my second hand Chinese TT bike.

For my bike, I 3D printed them. Still no problems after +2000km.

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Can you send the file you 3d printed to get those? They look nice :slight_smile:


I’m sorry for the delay.
I’ve uploaded them to thingiverse, but it looks like I can’t publish anything in the first 24 hours after joining… Anyway, it should be downloadable on this URL soon:

For now I’ve uploaded them to wetransfer: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
On wetransfer I uploaded all versions I created, because I’m not sure anymore which one worked best :smiling_face:
I assume tt_riser_1cm_v5.stl and tt_riser_15mm.stl will work, they are the most recent versions.


Thanks a lot!!