Some observations from a week riding outdoors after months inside

So I just had a week where I left my trainer at home while visiting my parents, fortunately it coincided with my recovery week, so I was able to just go out and ride, and I subbed in the last hard workout of SSB2 HV with a 100 mile ride. Just thought I’d share some observations I made of myself during this week after being inside for so long:

Not having ERG mode definitely made me have to think and focus on the power I wanted.

Related to ERG:
My cadence outside was definitely lower outside than it is inside. While I average in the high 90s indoors, outside I was in mid to upper 80’s. I’m sure part of it is the flywheel effect on the Hammer, but it always seemed like with the gearing I had (50/34 with 8 speed 11-28 cassette), seems like outside I’m going a bit lower. I also don’t have cadence on display, so it could be matter of practicing getting the cadence up.

I always wonder about my wheels when I go outside. I have stock Axis Sport (with conti 5000’s) that came with my Allez, and while I try to focus on power as opposed to speed, I have to admit sometimes it would be nice to average over 20mph rather than 18. I didn’t spend enough time working on my position, so that might have played a role too and I’m just looking for something to blame lol

From a fitness standpoint, it was amazing. My HR averaged in the 120’s for endurance rides, whereas inside endurance rides have been in the 130’s. I’ve never been one to experience huge discrepancies between inside and outside HR and RPE so I’m hoping this is just all gainz! On Monday, I did about 40mins where my NP was nominally 91%, which is pretty awesome.

Overall, I think the trainer is great and I love doing my stuff on TR, but I think the week outside gave me a nice boost of motivation to start the next phase

Anyhow, just an off day before ramp testing, so apologies for the vanity topic!