SoCal Events to Consider

I’m looking for some events around Southern California to put on the calendar - I’m in San Diego, so the closer the better but willing to travel a bit. Preference for rolling road race, fondo, or XC MTB.

Kinda broad but any suggestions will be appreciated.

Big bear, mammoth, Santa Barbara gran fondos. There’s also two in San Diego but I don’t think there as good. There’s also BWR down there and I believe a gravel race is coming up in late October. Can’t remember the name.

Check out Gravel Bulldogs in November. It starts/end at Pedaler’s Fork. The event is so well run, with great food/social hang after. Great route, great people, great food, great cause.

As an aside, this event is near and dear to my heart, as it partially raises funds for IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) via Ride4IBD.

General 1 — LA’s Premier Gravel Event - 11/6/22 (

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What’s your time frame?

Here’s a link to the website for racing calendars for SoCal.

Bunch of calendars for road, gravel and MTB there.

Unfortunately there were only two road events in San Diego County this year. But the Quick and Dirty series is alive and well in north county. My club is hoping to put on several more road circuit and road racing events next year in addition to the long running Barrio Logan Grand Prix crits.

If you want to race road a lot, you’ve got to get into LA and surrounding areas.

The long running Manhattan Beach Grand Prix (crit/circuit) is this weekend up in LA. After that I think there’s one more late season crit in August and I think that’s all the road racing till CBR starts up in January again.

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The Campy Gran Fondo, Giro di San Diego, and BWR are all great events but have already happened this year. The Quick 'n Dirty Filthy 50 is coming up in Oct and is currently my ‘A’ event on the calendar.

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Mostly this calendar year but I’m just looking to put some stuff on the calendar to look forward to / train for.

Victor is an old friend and QnD events are the only ones I do with regularity :+1:

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Hardman in Anaheim, October 1st


That’s the one I meant!