So... AI FTP and Progression Levels for running?

AI FTP and Progression Levels are really making my training more enjoyable, and now that running with power is officially a thing, I would love the idea to have the same infrastructure for running.

I’m experimenting a bit, using the fantastic workout builder, and having a lot of fun in “progressing” my endurance and VO2Max runs. Still, it is a lot of tinkering, and finding and tracking running FTP is not easy. I tried the Garmin-detected one, but it is way too high, pretty evident when trying a tempo run and hitting max heart rate… I’m now using the run eFTP and it is definitely in the ballpark, maybe a little low (good thing), but unless I plan some specific maximum effort runs, it is not going to change.

So… I would love to know if supporting training with power for running is even in TR roadmap. I would happily pay extra for this feature.

Of course, I understand that AI FTP right now does not support outdoor-only rides (you still need 10 inside rides, I believe), but after that is solved, I would naively think that applying the AI to running is just one step away…