Smartwatch that supports power meters?

I had a crash and killed my Edge so I’m looking to go with a watch instead as a replacement. Are there any smart watches that support power meters that are less expensive than the Fenix series?

I’d use it mainly for recording mountain biking, gravel rides, training rides and some running.


I use a 735xt (Triathlon Watch) when I want to record rides without my computer.

It’s older tech than most of the Fenix’s so you don’t get things like training status and ‘fitness age’ in the Garmin Connect app, but a nice side effect of them being older is you can pick them up pretty cheap from Amazon etc these days.

Still a cracking watch and has some of the advanced features the cheaper models may not have (live tracking, recovery advisor etc).

in addition to the 735 there are the Forerunner 935, 945, etc.

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If you can find the 935 on sale, i would say is a good buy.
The GPS seems to be more accurate than 945. But is an older watch (2017).
So you will not really get any big updates. Still solid unit.

Google brings up this @£83 the review says the Sigma id. TRI supports power meters.

I use a 920xt I bought secondhand is pretty old no, but solid unit.

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If you’re not wedded to Garmin, most watches support power meters and other sensors - Suunto, Coros, etc. Check the reviews at for specifics.

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