Small front white blink light that can be seen from far away?

Have seen this type of light from a few riders from very far away when they are riding in the opposite direction but never had the chance of finding out what brand it is.

for those who have one of them, what brand do you use?

There are several. I use this and am happy with it. Bontrager Ion


I have several; Bontrager, CatEye, some generic thing I got for $10 in a pinch. I wouldn’t put too much research into the technology. It’s a blinking light.

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I know, but some are noticeable when you are standing in front of the rider (in other words, useless). I wanted to see what others were using so I don’t waste my time and money buying something that doesn’t work.

I have a few brands that work properly now based on you and @stp suggestion. thank you

+1 for the Bontrager Ion. Small, bright, and it works really well. I use a K-Edge mount where my Garmin clips on top and the Ion underneath. Clean and simple.