Slow CTL Rise...why?

Something seems off with and it’s CTL forecasting based on my plan. I’m about to start a 6-week block of SSBMV1 with a couple of tweaks. The really slow rise in CTL seems off. I can’t really dump much more training volume into the week, but am starting at a relatively low CTL. I would expect more given the block of training I’m about to undertake. FWIW, the out-of-the-box SSBMV1 plan is even slower in terms of ramp rate and CTL gain. As you can I’m almost never in the Green Zone.

Week 1-2 CTL: 37 to 38 (+1)
Week 2-3 CTL: 38 to 40 (+2)
Week 3-4 CTL: 40 to 42 (+2)
Week 4-5 CTL: 42 to 44 (+2)
Week 5-6 CTL: 44 to 45 (+1)
Total CTL gain (6 weeks): 8

I’ll begin tomorrow with the current numbers:

Here are the next 6 weeks:

Nope that seems pretty reasonable how it is forecasted. Remember also that there is more stress in life than training stress so a slow increase is crucial to find a sustainable load


Thanks. Not mentioned: 3 kids, 9-5, and house work

If you want to double-check, an Excel spreadsheet and instructions are in this thread:

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