Slica tire pressure calculator for MTB

Hey !

After few years of riding and training for fun, I’ve decided to move forward and start racing this autumn and next year. I’ve been trying to experiment a bit with position, aerodynamics and tyre choice and pressure to improve my performance ! On road, I’ve found the Slica calculator ( very useful to get a first idea of a good tyre pressure. However, I don’t understand at all their result when it comes to MTB tyres. In some cases, they prone a 1 bar tyre pressure (and even lower) ! How should I understand that ? Because if I understand the physics correctly, lower than this (if I increase tyre width to 60mm for instance) would be a depression in the tube, wouldn’t it ?

Thanks for your insights !

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watching this thread as none of the pressure calculators out there even mention tire liners which should also factor in.