Silca Professional Tire Pressure Calculator (Tyre)

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Josh Poertner at SILCA just sent out a notification of their new Pro Pressure Calculator, which takes your weight, tire size, and surface type to spit out an optimal front/rear tire pressure for your rides…super useful! The beta site is here:

I’m guessing this may be of interest to folks, and apologies if this has already been posted!


I got the email and applied. I didn’t post the link yet because I don’t seem to be able to access the actual calculator, even after “registering”.

Anybody get to the actual calculator yet?

I had the same problem, so re-opened the registration page and entered my name and email manually (I’d done it via AutoFill previously), and that seemed to do the trick…hope that works for you Chad!

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I emailed Silca, and apparently helped them find a bug.

We apologize for the confusion and thank you for your feedback. There was a coding error on the backend causing an issue and I’m glad we are working through the bugs. Whew. Here is the link that should work once you given your information:

As you start using the Tire Pressure Calculator, please continue to give feedback.

The link seems to work for me now.

One example:


I’m messing around with it now. I plugged in my typical road and gravel setups. It seems to give me values that are too high for road setups and too low IMO for gravel tire setups.

This is based on my experience.

That may be worth sharing to Silca. It seems they are looking for feedback on the tool and results.

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One consideration that seems left out, is that they don’t have a “Tubed” or “Tubeless” option.

I could see that being a straight adjustment (+/- a percentage) to account for that difference.

I did fun little sheet based on a CyclingTips episode about tire size selection, largely gravel focused. It’s probably junk, but I factored in additional variables (tube/tubeless in particular) that Silca might need to consider.

Maybe a topic for the next Youtube / Podcast on TrainerRoad (great show - listen every week), but a topic I would like explained a bit more is what really is the right tyre pressure.

I am 81kgs, riding in Dubai where we have great cycle tracks (very new and flat), only proper road riding is when racing (here they will close of the roads for us), riding on GP5000 (700x25mm - Clinchers) on Zipp 858 (TT bike). If important also on latex tubes as well, typical training rides between 90kms to 110kms…
Typically with a 83psi Front and 85psi rear… But is this best?

I checked TyreWiz, and the recommendation there is 74/77psi front /rear
One article I read stated for this brand and type it should be for me around 100psi (there range was 95-120psi).

How many articles I read, there are so many beliefs / suggestions, but nothing concrete…


The guru on this stuff is Josh Poertner from Silca (who funnily enough was also riding in Dubai a few weeks ago…), have a look at some of his blog articles like this one

Effectively the answer is that it depends quite a bit not just on stuff that you can easily measure like weight and tire width, but also on road quality which is much harder to quantify, and then things like the balance between comfort and speed which are more personal. The article above shows that the resistance penalty for inflating a bit beyond the optimal pressure is a lot higher than the penalty for inflating a bit lower than it, so if in doubt go a bit lower. Though smooth roads can make a big difference.

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Being from Dubai gives a lot of worth in yr notes as Al Qudra is a luxury for us for sure…
Thank you so much for this!

I am traveling tmrw for a few days and will give this a good read and look at making some slight adjustments and gauge at least one level for Al Qudra and another for when the races are on the main roads…

Hi, this might be worth a look: Silca Professional Tire Pressure Calculator (Tyre)

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Not too far off my own personal choices on pressure, I am running lower than they recommend, but not a lot, and surface quality is difficult to quantify

Surprised this wasn’t more of a topic of interest back in 2019, so I’m bumping it. I just discovered this calculator due to a podcast from “That Triathlon Show” from May 25. Josh Poertner (Silca) really knows his stuff and has the practical experience (advising World Tour teams and highly competitive triathletes like Fredeno) to back it up. I like the concept he and his teams discovered called the “hockey stick” in which increasing pressure in a tire, given a constant surface, results in slowly, linear decreases in rolling resistance–up to a break-point (the change in curve of the hockey stick) in which rolling resistance increases rapidly. Best to be on the slow decrease curve, it seems. In other words, lower is better than higher (pressure). But also, according to the calculator, which is tested and established by empirical measures, not just theory, one can require a 20 psi increase in a particular tire/surface/weight combination by decreasing from a (measured) 28c tire to a 25c tire. So, like all things, IT DEPENDS but the calculator attempts, better than any I’ve seen, to include the independent variables that matter.
Life is an N=1 game. Live it that way.

Looks like Silca got around to making an app.

They list Apple & Android, but I have not found the Google Play link as of yet. Here is the Apple one for now:

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