Singletrack 6 Podcast Content: What would you like?

@Jonathan Any chance you’ll GoPro the race and break it down with a pro like the old days?


I know every bit extra is more work (and stress during the series), so/but I would appreciate anything and eat up whatever y’all dish out! :metal:t3:

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I’d enjoy hearing about host / group participation in some of the non-race epic “rides” scattered around the country. Consider the Diabolical Double at GCGF as an example. There’s lots of other epic non-races like it scattered around the country that appeal to a lot of listeners.


I didn’t realise Ivy had so little experience on an mtb compared to other bikes. This should make for excellent entertainment! Sorry @IvyAudrain :laughing:
Please do report on as many aspects of preparing for the technical elements of this race as possible. Its something us regular folk often overlook. Whilst we spend hours hammering on the trainer, we should also spend equal time learning the skills to enable us to relax on the downhills.

This is one of my proudest moments: British nat champs 2018 on the 2012 Olympics course at Hadleigh. I was terrified of the rock features so enrolled on a half day course with an instructor. He broke down these features into their component parts so then we approached them in a confident, clinical manner. Come race day I took all of the A lines and it remains the best race ever in my mind to this day.


great pic! Were you running a dropper?

Hell yes!