Simple watt/kg calc (home made tool) - opinions

I built this:

As a little project for myself, I know people don’t like to use Andy Coggan’s power profiles to see what Cat they’re in as racing more and more decides that. However, I thought I would share this and see your thoughts, and see if anyone had any suggestions on how to improve it.


I suggest radio buttons for selecting between kg/lbs and male/female. Check boxes allow multiple selections to coexist and cause problems:

Also, if you run the calculation with no data in one field, you get the “winner” flag, which is fine. But if you fill the field, the completed result identifier still shows in the “red” flagged color.

If you do it all “right” from the start, the “red” flag is not there. Just inconsistent results.

I think the instructions could be more clear. I don’t know exactly what a power curve is…I even followed the link for the wattsboard thing and made an account…still dont get what you need to do. Its asking for a file of some sort. Dunno how to make that…

You can view your power curve on TR. Go to career → personal records. The curve you’ll see shows your best power for efforts of increasing duration. You can hover over the chart to get a number for any specific duration.

I plugged in my numbers and it suggests Cat 5 based on my 5s and 1min power and Cat 2 based on my 5 min power and FTP… classic.

Yea I’ve noticed that. I guess my big question is how should those numbers be produced though? As in…a fully rested, 5 second sprint? Or a sprint after some sort of fatigue inducing protocol? Some for 1 and 5 minute power… should those follow just a warmup, then go all out for a minute?

In my trainerroad personal records, my highest power outputs from 1 minute all the way to 14 minutes are ramp tests :slight_smile:

They should theoretically be your best all out efforts for any duration, no special protocol required.