Show me your "Aluminati" builds!


Which handlebars are these?

My new Kinesis Aithein Disc in the stunning purple, so far so so good!


New content incoming…

Crashed on my road bike on Tuesday, building up a caad12 right now. I’ll post when it is presentable.


Nice Bike!!! What’s the size of the frame, and what’s the ride-feel?

Its a 59 cm.

So far I’m very impressed , I’ve not had chance to go over 3.5 hours yet but with 28 mm tyres at 80 psi I’ve no complaints comfort wise even on some pretty ropey roads. Handling wise, I’m finding her very responsive and confidence inspiring. Power transfer also feels really good, I’m getting no hint of flex and I’m heavy and reasonably powerful.

All in all, and completely subjectively, it just makes me want to go out and ride!

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I just recently got a Kinesis Aithein Disc. It’s amazing. Can anyone recommend a wheel off trainer that will fit the Aithein.


The bike is finally done. I eventually went for silver as it felt a bit more unique. Full ultegra Hydro and FFWD Tyro 40mm hoops. The bike is amazing and has done great racing crits and doing 5hr endurance rides. Anyone that says aluminium isn’t comparable to carbon is simply wrong.


I enjoyed scrolling through this so
Much I decided to post mine too.


I got lucky that our LBS had a new caad12 in my size, pandemic and all. I used the frame and swapped everything over from my cracked TCR (crash three weeks ago):

Another angle so you can see the neon accents on the fork and seat tube:

All in all, very pleased with how it rides. Power transfer feels equal to the TCR. I like the way this bike corners more. The TCR was softer over bad pavement, but I’ll take that trade-off.


This really (to me) is the perfect looking race bike. There’s just something about these CAAD12’s and deep wheels :heart_eyes:

I hope I don’t run across a purple disc CAAD12 frame because I might just buy it without thinking haha.


That purple one is the best; there’s one on ebay currently…

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Picked up an Allez Sprint Disc that had the paint stripped off to bare aluminum and the fork repainted. The aluminum is clear coated and looks sick in my opinion. Might repaint the fork myself, and anyone have any opinions on what color to make it? Gotta find some wheels for it too…


hot pink


Not bad looking at all! I like orange, but perhaps a bit more pigmented (thinking Hermès orange) looks awesome - but it’s a warm tone.

Since silver is a cool/cold color i’d go for something similarly cold like a blue. Other nice colors could be cold crimson (think Alfa Romeo F1) or perhaps a graphite gray with a stripe across the fork to add even more. Keep everything glossy since the metallic is glossy.


Yeah right now the fork is matte, and I think something glossy could look really cool. Ooh yeah I think a metallic blue could look really cool. Or how about a bare carbon fork? Not sure if that’s a great idea or not

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There was an older version of this frame with a baby blue fork and accents on the downtube and seat stays. I’ve seen one in person and it looks super cool. Hard to go wrong with most of the Sprint colorways over the years, honestly. Here are some pics:


Tan walls look great.

I’m curious, did you deliberately choose matching bikes or did you just both happen to pick the same make and model?

I got the bike first and as soon as I had it my wife had a “I want that too” moment. Took a bit of time and luck to find as well. But I guess you could say it was deliberate.

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