Factor bikes - customer service good/bad?

I’m in the US, bay area. I’m so close to buying a bike from factor, but I’ve sent a few emails via their webpage contact routine and for the life of me, i cannot get a response…

there’s no good factor retailers near me, closest ones are all near LA. I’ve gone on their website for retailers, but when I call the ones near SF, the stores that actually sell them all say their quality isn’t very good…so strange.

When I browse online forums, I almost never see anything bad about the bikes or the customer service. I’m afraid to be stuck with a bike that I cannot get any support on if warranty claims are ever on the table. Or if I need to buy spare parts thats not handlebar or seatpost.

Am I the only one having such a bad experience with them? Do you guys that have the factor O2/Ostro all live in LA or build up the bikes yourself?

I live in the EU so i’m really not sure if my experience will be of help to you, but i have a factor and my experience with customer support was always nothing short of amazing.

Even before buying the bike i emailed factor with loads of questions and John Ebsen was extremely patient and we went back and forth for about 30 or so emails.

After the purchase i had an issue with my fork and they replaced it no questions asked. It took about 5 days from the day i contacted John about my fork issue to the day the new fork arrived at my house.
I can honestly say that so far it has been one of the best customer support experiences i ever had.

But like i said, i’m from EU, so not sure if the US costumers deal with the same ppl i’ve been dealing with?

i live in the bay area and have an ostro. i’ve had good experiences with them and they usually do respond to questions that i’ve sent in both pre/post sale (bought from them directly).

was there anything specific questions you had? i’d be happy to share my experiences with you if that’ll help (feel free to DM me).

I would find a local factor seller

Where you located? I have a friend who is a dealer in Texas

John is the man. Former pro and now is high up in the company. If you get a chance to connect with him you will love your experience.

I can’t speak to their customer service, but Rob Gitellis has an excellent reputation in the industry as a manufacturer / supplier. He was originally the frame manufacturer from Cervelo in the 00’s before focusing on his own brand.

From a quality perspective, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a Factor frame.