Should I train in rest week? Garmin 100 training readiness

Hi, this week is my rest week according to TR schedule. My Garmin is telling me that I am 100 ready for training. Recommended me for some threshold workouts. I feel like I could do some training based on my own perception on my body, but I have a kinda big event in this Sunday, and next week will be an intense training.
Should I train…?

TL:DR - No.

Longer answer:

  • Garmin training metrics are suspect (at best)
  • You have a big event Sunday
  • You have an intense week next week

Rest / recovery weeks are not always about how you feel at that moment, but making sure you are rested and primed for an upcoming training load.

Resting is rarely the wrong option.


I would follow the plan you already have. I don’t put much stock in garmin metrics - It constantly tells me my training is unproductive and also tells me my vo2max is 76 (I’m 50 next year) and I’m the physical age of a 20 year old - I certainly don’t feel like it lol.


Better to error on the side of rest than to be tired for an event.
I would rather have new tires than worn used ones.


Thank you guys for the advice.
I would follow the TR plan.