Should I Take a Break?

Just don’t do so much hiking that you sabotage your recovery. You might even consider using it as a replacement to your workouts instead of an addition to them.


Added the time off annotation for this to my TR calendar so I guess it is official. Also scheduled a bike fit this Thursday and will report the adjustments made!


I vote, yes, take a break.

Because you’re still sore after and easy week.

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Update on my week long break:

Went for my first bike fit yesterday and to say I needed some adjustments is an understatement. Biggest adjustment needed was to raise my saddle by almost 4 cm! Also my knee angle at six o’clock was ~46 degrees and after the fit was ~36 degrees.

Note: The 47 degrees written as the new knee angle was miswritten. Indeed was 37 after messaging the bike filter to verify.

The most telling revelation of the bike fit follows the theme “the human body isn’t symmetrical.”. After my saddle height got adjusted my left knee angle was at ~36 degrees but my right knee was still at ~47 degrees. Apparently my saddle was pointed too “nose up” thus causing pressure in my groin. Therefore I was favoring my left leg at the expense of my right left to relieve said pressure which caused me to go toes down on my right leg hence the increased angle and exaggerated right leg cramping/soreness. Once he tipped the saddle down a bit I felt the difference immediately.