Should I change my FTP

The Coronavirus has completely changed my training/racing plan, but my change is a bit different. My parents live off-grid, and have requested that I come out to their homestead and help them out for a few weeks on a building project. I have been training at 7000 feet, and tested 6 days ago at 226. My parents live at 4000 feet. I just started on SSB HVI, and am wondering if I should adjust my FTP up a few watts to adjust for the elevation, or leave it as is.

Doesn’t matter, you’ll hit the range you need for the intended adaptations either way. If workouts feel too easy and you want them harder bump it up.


Exactly. Just change it and see how it goes.

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Agreed, with enough experience, you can adjust your FTP without re-testing. Probably the best measure are sweet spot and threshold workouts. You will know when they feel much easier or much harder than before. I wouldn’t judge by how your VO2max intervals go, though.

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