Should a workout of 1min anaerobic efforts be particularly hard after a couple of days off?

I’m doing the long distance triathlon mid volume base plan. I finished week 7 on Sunday so this week was to be an easier week.

I was feeling pretty tired towards the end of last week, I suspect a combination of the plan and being pretty busy at work but I was still managing the sessions. I couldn’t train Monday and decided to take yesterday off as well for a bit of extra recovery.

So I had 2 days without training. Today I did Bird -1 which is 15x 1min at 130% with 2 min recovery (and an extra 1 min after every 5). I’ve done it before but this time was a real struggle!

It was only 2 days, but could these 2 days without any training have resulted in the workout being this hard? We’re anaerobic efforts the wrong thing to do? Am I just over thinking it?


That’s not an easy workout. I find if I take more than a few days off and come back to do whatever workout they just seem harder. Not sure if it’s just a mental thing. As long as you are able to complete your workout and hit the target power on all the intervals you are fine.
Also could be you just had an off day.
I have to say all these TR workouts are hard, well except the endurance workouts, those usually feel fairly easy without to much stress. Anyhow that’s my very limited experience.

almost anything is hard after days off. You’ll have better performance on shorter intervals after rest, but yes, they will hurt and don’t feel good. Your HR should be noticeably high.


I haven’t been wearing a HR monitor but it certainly felt high

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Have you thought of having a longer warm up? It could be a case of your legs feeling stiff before the workout and they need a little longer to wake up before a hard effort.