Shorter stack - headset seal?

To lower the stack of my Giant Revolt, I’m trying to find a headset seal (think that’s the name of the circled part below) that has a lower stack… without swapping out the entire headset. My stem is right on top of the seal currently (pick shows a spacer, but that’s a stock photo not my actual bike) so I think the only way to get it lower is to find a shorter seal.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 7.34.02 PM

I’m not sure about sizing and such, will this work/fit?

Thanks for your help/advice!

It might work but depends on your exact model headset. The inner ring has to compress the bearing without the cap making contact with your frame. If you’re unsure, I’d have your local shop look at it.

I’ve ditched tall caps on a Cervelo and a Cannondale. The C-dale I ordered the factory low stack cap, the cervelo I replaced the cane creek HS with an FSA to get the low profile top seal. It was as cheap as the part would have been.

These guys seem to have a one size fits all kit:
Not cheap but seems a fairly safe option with the spacers to set the height under the dust seal.

@Tanner1280 gave spot on advice. I ditched the stock dust cap on my Cannondale Topstone with a low profile option. I’m sure there’s an equivalent for your bike. Or, as was mentioned, the options available through certified slammed should work, but pay close attention to their advice on spacers.

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Just keep in mind that Giant uses a proprietary oversized steerer tube, so it needs an appropriate headset and spacers to accommodate.

Update: after a quick look at Cane Creek’s site, it doesn’t look like they make a headset or bearings for Giants.

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Do you have a shop that sells/services Giant bike ? They should be able to source one for you.

As the company makes millions of bikes, finding Giant-specific parts shouldn’t be an issue.

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If you have oversized steerer tube or something non-standard you can do what I did with my Canyon. 10 minutes in CAD -> find anywhere any 3d printer. Or better if it shoult be pretty. Mine looks ugly but works fine, almost for free :slight_smile:

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There is always the certified option haha. Courtesy of

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Awesome replies, thanks everybody! Think I’m going to try certified.

There’s also a dude on Weight Weenies who will make one out of carbon for you. I think the Slam Your Stem covers are outrageously expensive for what you get.

I have an old Veloflyte cover, shame they’re not made any more, as they’re incredibly low stack

PS no hating on the stem!!

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Thanks for mentioning this, I have Giant mtb and ran into this oversized steerer (OD2) when checking out carbon forks. However, I found this on the Giant site:

FEATURES : Giant’s original oversized fork steerer-tube technology. Designed to provide solid front-end steering performance, the system’s oversized headset bearings and tapered steerer tube provide optimal steering stiffness. Road models feature 1 1/8-inch top and 1 1/4-inch bottom bearings, while the mountain version features 1 1/8-inch top and 1 1/2-inch bottom bearings.

Isn’t that pretty much the standard size for most road bikes… 1 1/8 inch top? If so, looks like there are plenty of options.

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I thought it was Canyon who use an oversized steer tube? Tapered steerers are very common nowadays, but the only thing you need to worry about is the dimension above the fork crown (unless you’re also replacing the lower headset bearings).

Pretty sure your revolt is OD, so regular 1 1/8” steerer at the stem.

I picked up a used 2018 TCX and it’s OD2 so 1 1/4”. I only realized it when I went to throw on a slightly longer stem out of my parts bin… no luck.

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Ahhh others too then!

Ah, hmmm. I’m not super familiar with Giants, so I think I’m getting OD and OD2 confused. Sounds like most spacers should work with yours, but the headset will still be specific if you have to replace the whole thing.

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