Headset Assembly-Handlebar help!

Anyone have experience working on an Argon 18 Nitrogen? I’m trying to swap out the headset assembly to lower my bars but can’t seem to get this piece out. Suggestions on what I can use without damaging in case I need to revert back.

I dont know anyyhing about Argon bikes but it sure looks like that top cup/cap is pressed into the frame.

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It also looks like the top bearing is located at the top of this conical part - so removing it would imply fitting another bearing directly into the frame. Not trivial.

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If this manual is proper for your bike, or if its the same set-up, easy job if you have the right tools.

Drop the fork out of the bike, tap out the spacer and bearing cup, swap out for the stack height you want and press it all back together. You’ll need the specialist headset cup removal tool (or a careful and light touch with a punch) and a bearing press.

Heed the warning on page 7 of the instructions and use the frame specific adapter when pressing it back together so you don’t scratch the frames with the bearing press.

If that manual doesn’t make sense, or you aren’t certain of how to use those tools, this would be worth having an experienced person do the swap out while you watch.

If you want to test drive it before cutting the form, will need some spacers below the compression nut/cap. Some of these aero bikes require special spacers for that. Not certain for this model but you’ll find out if you can’t preload the bearings :-]

Hope that gets you going in the right direction,




Thanks - the version of the manual did not detail the installation process on pages 6 and 7… The piece I’m struggling with is #6 which notes I need the Park Tool RT-1 which I do not have… I will likely have to take into a shop to get this swapped out.

It has some spacers now which I’ve moved on top of the stem 6+ months ago and now ready to go down swap out of the top cap. Eventually plan to go to the zero mm setup.

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