Short, sharp, and close Zwift climb?

Hey all, the air outside is still terrible for all the smoke but I have scheduled for today some threshold hill repeats for my attempt at everesting later this year. Does anyone know of a good climb in zwift that is steep and between 3 and 10 minutes long? I would do the radio tower climb, but it takes so long to get to and I want to start my repeats early.
Anyone know of another climb that is closer to a route start that’s pretty steep? As of writing this the only other route is france, so I’m pretty limited LOL. But I’d love some advice nonetheless! Thanks.

Volcano climb is a good one. Not incredibly steep, but it’s 7-8 minutes, close to the start, and good for repeats.

That’s a good idea especially since you can start right there. I will look up the average gradient. I’m trying to simulate my actual climb as close as possible, but I’m sure that could work!

Volcano KOM is your best bet, or ride the Alpe for however long you want then do a U-turn and roll to the bottom to start again.

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FYI for the OP, it takes about 10-11 minutes to soft pedal to the bottom of the Alpe from the Road to Sky route start. Not too bad since a warmup is a good idea.


Volcano sounds good for instant climbing, but the alpe actually sounds like a great idea-first switchback or two and back down. I think it’s steeper, on average, than the volcano too.
Thanks all!

Road to Sky, do a U-turn and go up Epic KOM reverse and radio tower. You’re climbing pretty much immediately.

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I do vo2 intervals on the Watopia mountain route. Enough time for a warm-up to get there, then a steep start to get you in the red, then cling on over the big bridge until your interval is done, turn round, roll down repeat.