Zwift experts: what's a good hill for hill repeats?

When I was racing as a cat 1, one of my more effective workouts was hill repeats. Basically I’d ride up a 6-8 minute hill in the hardest gear I could do without falling over, like 50 RPM. Now I live in Phoenix and there are no hills here so I gotta do this work on the trainer at 4.30am in my garage. What’s a good 4-6minute hill that takes like 10-15 minutes to get to in the ZWIFT world(s).

Thanks for any help!

Volcano climb probs


How do I get there? What course do I select?

In Watopia the route is called volcano climb I believe

Definitely the Volcano climb…should fit your time requirements perfectly.

You might also want to check this route out, which is shorter than Volcano Climb but still hits the hill:

How long to get get it?

It’s 7-8km (incl. the lead-in) to get to the climb from the spawning point. Then each lap is 8.5km of descent/flat between climbs.

Also consider Titan’s Grove. If you head out on the Muir and the Mountains course, you go up the reverse side. Once you’re back at the bottom, you can do a U-turn and hit the hill in the forward direction. It’s a shorter climb than the Volcano climb.

Different approach: create your own workout in Zwift and use ERG mode.


Pick route Volcano CCW. Takes a few minutes to get to base of climb, choose the direction for climb…6-8 minutes climbing to top. Perfect for you

I like Surrey Hills for intervals ranging 5-12 min at varying grades, and a change of scenery! Decent lead in but less than 10 min…


Any course with volcano climb will be good. Second the comment about Surry hills. Could also do PRL Half. It’s a bonkers course, five laps including box hill.

Longer climbs will also work, just do six minutes hard, then rest interval, then go hard again. You could do that 6-10 times up the alpe (depending on how strong you are). Road to sky (shortest course that includes the alpe) has about 10 mins of riding before you hit the climb.

Also check out Lutscher and Lutscher CCW in Innsbruck they’re just laps up/down the KOM. KOM is around 20 mins, so you could do a couple repeats on short rest, then get a few extra minutes while descending, then go again.


Agree with Volcano KOM. If I want to do 4*8 I use that. Just recover on way down and do a U-turn at the bottom.

Be wary at the moment, U-turns have a bug which Zwift are intending to fix in a week or so… If you complete a route then it won’t U-turn and you get stuck at U-turn speed for rest of ride… Found issue also occurs sometimes even when route not completed, whole thread on Zwift forums about it…

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Yup….I had that problem the other day. Got stuck at ~25kph max for the remainder of my ride, no matter how hard I went.

I was also running TR and just freeriding, so it was no big deal, but annoying all the same.


If you’re interested in getting the Tron bike then doing your intervals up the alp without turning around on erg mode is the best bet. You can turn around at the end of the workout and get off your bike while it descends back to the bottom whilst you’re doing your post workout routine too if you’re bothered about racking up xps and going up levels. I find it best to connect zwift and tr via separate computers/phones- haven’t had them clash when running like this but have had numerous problems when running both on one computer


Box Hill. About 6km in on London Loop. Box Hill is 3 km @ 4.3%.

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May be its just me but it never feels like you are going up hill on box hill… apart from the fact I’m going so slow! That’s the clue for me from that climb :slight_smile: but it Is a good segment for workouts though. To me it doesn’t give the feeling of an uphill, like the ADZ, Volcano or KOM, I guess the view to the side on the latter climbs give a better illusion of climbing a hill.

Titans Grove KOM is a climb I enjoy, if you can call it that as it averages 2.2% for its 2.61km length. Plenty of switch backs, visuals there etc , lasts me between 4-5 minutes. I feel its a better slope for the heavier rider with power…often my w/kg is less than the riders I pass… great flying up that one when doing smaller intervals.

Yeah, I don’t really care about, or understand the criteria for, the different bikes or equipment stuff. But I do use the turn around function occasionally.