Shoe Choice - LG vs Sidi

Having difficulty trying to decide on a new pair of shoes. I’ve read the other shoe threads and still can’t seem to make up my mind. I’ve narrowed it down to LG Course Air Lite II or Sidi Wire 2 Air Vent. If I could go and try them on somewhere that would be great, but unfortunately every bike store in the D/FW metroplex does not have either shoe in stock. I can’t even find a Sidi shoe to try on. Two weeks ago I drove 45 minutes to Richardson Bike Mart and they didn’t have any Sidi shoes in stock. I’ve called all of the big stores. It’s a little ridiculous. I’m going to order them and hope for the best, I can always return them if they don’t feel right. Any opinions on either shoe, they both seem like really good shoes and I couldn’t go wrong either way? I’m looking for a breathable shoe for the hot and humid summer months.

Check Lickton Bike ( for Sidi’s. And call them if you have questions about specific shoes. Knowledgeable and great service.

@SDooley If you have wide feet, you might want to consider the SIDI Mega range. I love SIDI shoes but the normal width models are too tight.

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You probably have the USAF to blaim for the lack of Sidi shoes at the moment.

You’ve narrowed your choice of shoes down to 2 without even having tried either of them on? :thinking:

The narrowing-down process should include some serious trying on before you start shortlisting anything.

Go to different shops, get your feet measured, try on whatever they have in your size. Who knows, you may find some other options and maybe at some good prices (think last season colors etc).