Roval warranty in Canada?

Anyone has experience with Roval warranty in Canada? I bought a set of clx50 in March and I ride them for not even 2 months. This weekend during a group ride, I hit a hole (not that big) but the wheel cracked for about 2cm around the hook. I did not fall as the impact was not that big.
I went to my LBS and the mechanics told me that pothole incident are not guaranteed. I will likely have to pay to replace the rim or if I’m lucky they will propose a discount under their crash program. Still expecting to pay 500$ or something. There is no free crash replacement in Canada.

I find this is odd how a 2500$ wheelset can break after 2 months whithout garantee? Anyone has experience with Specialized after sales in Canada?

I would have assumed it would be under warranty. If there is just a crack with no external impact damage then the wheel should be covered. Don’t mention about hitting a pothole. In Montréal, every road feels like Paris-Roubaix. So stating hitting a pothole would never come to mind as it’s part of the everyday occurrence.

Thanks for your feedback. There is no sign of impact on top of the rim, but it’s obvious that the wheel had an impact from the top. The side kind of “collapse” ( actually not but you see the carbon popped) and then cracked where the bottom of the rim bed and the shallow part are joined.

I didn’t mentioned it, but just by looking at the wheel the mechanic at the LBS said it was a pothole. Honestly, the hole was not bad at all and to me it is totally inacceptable that a rim broke on that. Afterall, the pro ride on Paris-Roubaix with those rims…