Changing to a 12/30 cassette (from 11/28) on an Ultegra di2 short cage derailleur

I have a 52/36 up front and a 11/28 10 speed rear cassette, all of the youtube video’s and research I have come across say no problem to switch it out with the same chain length and probably little or no adjustment in the B screw. There are a few climbs in Socal that the extra gear is really needed so I wanted a few comments before giving it a shot. Thank you!!!

You’ll likely be OK with the same chain length.

Main thing is that the chain isn’t so tight where it physically can’t go into the 52-30 combination - which would be bad as you could break the chain or rip off the derailleur. But I’m guessing this won’t be the case. Just check before you go out on the road.

Thanks for the input!! Worst case, I change or add a link to the chain. Great suggestion making sure that gear combination does work, even though never a good idea to use. Rubber Side Down!

Yep. If you do add a link, check the 36-12 combo and that the chain isn’t loose, as the chain could come off when you hit a bump. Again, you should be OK, but depends on how the chain was sized initially.

On my MTB, I swapped the 32T chainring for a 30T, and the chain was too long so I had to take out a link. But that was SRAM eagle, so obviously a completely different drivetrain vs road Ultegra.