Shimano GRX 12-speed (2023 GRX820/610)

Yeah, I hope I am wrong, too.

I think it caught Shimano off guard when the MTB migrated to 1x. (Shimano still offers 2x mountain bike groupsets, but I have never seen them on any mountain bike.) I don’t think gravel cyclists will all flock to 1x the same way mountain bikers did, but from my observation there are 1x and 2x camps amongst gravel cyclists, and both camps are sizable. So sizable that many bike manufacturers offer many of their gravel bikes in 1x and 2x configurations.

While I don’t have any sales numbers, it is clear that 1x is a thing in the gravel community, and Shimano only harms itself by not catering to it. The best that can happen to us is solid competition between (at least) two solid players. So I’ll keep my fingers crossed, too.

PS Dear Shimano, while you are at it, add native power meter options, too. Thank you.


ADRIS, a french bike vendor has released a bike equiped with 2x12 speeds GRX 820 groupset:


Ive been running a Garbaruk 10-48 with an eagle derailluer and chain with 1x Red/quarq crankst and it has been flawless. Im amazed at how durable this setup is. Chain has 2000k on it and still nothing seems worn.

Any more news / rumors on this? Trying to decide if I should wait or move forward with a full Force AXS upgrade on my Crux.

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Trying to find the links, but I’ve seen a handful of different European bike brands list 2023 bikes with 12s GRX. Sounds like it will have a mechanical version as well as a Di2 version. Should be coming out fairly near term.

Along those lines, it also sounds like SRAM will be releasing Apex AXS this spring, as well as some rumors of new Force/Red shifters that are smaller (like the rival shifters) but also have hidden buttons similar to Di2 levers.


I’d love to have extra buttons. Not sure if I want the shifters smaller, though, I like that they are more substantial. (I haven’t tried Rival shifters, though.)

I want Bluetooth to garmin buttons

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This new GRX group is the one I want for my new gravel bike. 31 - 36 is :ok_hand:t3:

Or have an even easier 30:36 if you went with SRAM.

It really makes me wonder how much further Shimano could be if they offered proper custom gravel cassettes rather than just their road (2x) and mountain bike (1x) cassettes on GRX. It seems they will continue to do more of the same. The only question mark will be their 1x12 gravel cassette. Their 10–45 cassette is, hmmm, not great.

Still hoping for an 12 speed, HG, 11-40.


Man that would be an awesome cassette

Im a bit late to this thread, and I know this thread is about 12s, but currently running 11speed 1x on my Steel Frame Gravel/Commuter. Its fabulously comfortable to ride. Ultegra Road manual road shifters and GRX 42 and 11-42 rear cassette with GRX 812.

I need more gears for upcoming South American Adventure, Im thinking going back to 2x with GRX 48/31 and 11-34. Any issues with this. Grx works fine with the Ultegra Road shifters at the rear, see no reason why it wont work on the front. Im old and bit heavy so need the extra gears for the 20% plus gradients. :slight_smile:


My LBS just told me „GRX likely this quarter“ and they have „received some marketing material“. Dunno if that is accurate, but I’ve read something similar in a thread on Weightweenies.
You heard anything?


Could you not just use Shimano’s 11-46 cassette with an appropriately sized 1x chainring?

That’s an option according to research, or with a goat link 1x grx can push up to 50t. has a little article on it.

I’ll be going to 46t MTB cassette as soon as my current chain is fully worn.

You can just add a RD cage to the GRX to push a 50T

I ordered something similar to the Garbaruk from aliexpress for about $40. Will be installing soon (getting a spare 812 rear derailleur to mount it to, so I can swap back quickly when wanting to run 32 or 36t rear).

Aliexpress GRX Cage

One slight issue though, is who actually makes 11spd 11-50t cassettes? The only shimano one I could find was a e-bike one. I’m planning on going XT 11-46t instead. I know some people fit a 46t on stock GRX 812, but I figure with the new cage it should work that much easier … quality of the Aliexpress cage/wheels permitting.

I thought ethirteen did one but looks like they max out at 46t in 11 speed.

Sunrace maybe? Sunrace MX80 - 11 Speed - MTB Cassette - 11-50 - Black

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Garbaruk makes an 11 speed 11-50HG cassette, and Shimano makes an 11-51 for their Deore 11 speed that I bet would work with that cage…
Additionally, a company I’ve never heard of… MSC CNC…

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Yes Garbaruk Does

I would not even bother changing it out, I imagine the cage will be fine on a 32T or 36T, you just need to adjust the B-screw accordingly