Shimano groupset compatibility

Hi Folks,

Question from someone who loves riding bikes, but doesn’t know much about mechanics.

Can I put a 105 FC5800 crankset and chainrings (50-34) onto a bike with an Ultegra R8000 groupset??

(ie - have an Ultegra R8000 groupset with a 105 FC5800 chain set and crankset.)

I’ve seen a shimano component compatibility doc, but I think I am too dumb to confidently figure it out.

I’d appreciate your advice!
Many thanks.

Yes you can they are cross compatible

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The general rule is to make sure you match your speed (number of cogs on the rear cassette). So yes, 5800 11-speed is good with 8000 11-speed. Shimano and shimano is good as long as they are the same speed.

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Thanks folks! Really appreciate the quick feedback!