Shimano 600 Tricolor

I have a Shimano 600 Tricolor, I believe 6400 front and back derailleurs. pcpartpicker I also have the standard chain rings, tricolor crankset with a 113mm spindle length square taper bottom bracket. My wheels can fit a 10 speed cassette on the back, reverse phone lookup but I’m currently running an 8 speed without any issues. Would I be able to use my current derailleurs and crankset (113 spindle length bottom bracket), nba reddit and just switch to a 10 speed cassette and switch out my shifters? Do I need to change the pulley wheels or chainrings for a narrower chain? Do I need to change my bottom bracket spindle length?

Ask the same question on the forum of either

  1. Retrobike or
  2. YACF

and you’ll get a quick reply from their many experts. There’s not much old school equipment discussion in this particular forum.

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You should be able to run 10 sod just fine. Cassette spacing for Shimank 8-10 Spd was a, the same. An 8 sod free hub can run 10 sod and vice versa.

You will likely need a new Front Derailluer, however…Try the 8 spd and see if it works, but the narrower 10 sod chain will likely not play well with it. I always had some rub somewhere whenever I tried it.

Get new shifters, cassette, chain and maybe a FD and you will be good to go.