Shared sorrow is half sorrow ... show me your failed workouts

I’ve been using TR for almost one year now, following LV-plans. Nothing spectacular, just trying to gain fitness, neatly following the AT-suggestions when they popped up. I’ve been very consistent the past year, almost never skipping a workout.

Yesterday I failed a workout massively for the first time. My ego took quite a beating :slight_smile: … Nelson (near the end of my century-plan) put me through the wringer and I just couldn’t finish. So no elevation to a 7.5 threshold PL for me…

Just curious about the failed workouts of other TR-members. Which workout? How did they experience such a ‘failure’ ?


I like to finish a workout even if it is at a lower intensity. Whilst its hard for me to find an actual failure in my calendar post AT. I’ve found an Unders/ Overs session (Kennedy) where on the last block I did the unders at 86-90% to recover for the overs which were done about on target 104-106% and AT gave me a fail survey which I recorded as Training Fatigue. The closest I have to your example was a Threshold wo (Dragon -2) where I got to 53mins out of an hour on target and the app locked up. After 15mins I gave up and rebooted (close enough I thought). It wasn’t for AT though and it gave me a failure survey which I of course marked as an equipment failure. Annoyingly it didn’t give me the Progressions though :joy:


Interesting idea. I searched back through my workouts to the beginning of 2021. I have 6 total workouts that may fall into the “Struggle” category. 2 from before AT, and 4 after AT. I won’t repeat the info here, but the Notes section of each workout has full info for anyone who wants to see them.

Before AT:

After AT:

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I would just argue that this is not a ‘failed workout’. You did 70% of the proscribed intervals. If you’re unhappy with that I would think over what caused you to end the workout (carrying excess fatigue into the workout, fueling, cooling, entertainment, incorrect FTP / power targets, etc.) and try to improve those conditions for next time. In the grand scheme of things one workout just doesn’t matter. What matters is that 1 year of consistent workouts that you did before this one and can do after this one.

Not necessarily directed at the OP, but I think people here have unrealistic standards regarding success vs failure of workouts. Don’t let the ‘perfect’ be the enemy of the ‘good’.


Mine usually look something like this. Had a lot of them especially mid / late fall (this particular one is more recent, but I went back and did the workout that evening without an issue).

Nelson looks brutal, ouch.


Just look thru the recent public attempts of Gardiner +3. Needs to be renamed the destroyer of worlds.

Kaweah has gotten me many times. If I recall correctly it was the first threshold workout in the SSB2 plan before AT and PL’s. It was always my reality check if I got an FTP bump in the ramp test earlier that week.

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 7.52.57 AM
Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 7.53.08 AM


Only 55 minutes @ 104% of your FTP setting. That sounds like fun. :hot_face:


I struggled with O/Us last spring - Palisade here. Pretty sure FTP was a bit too high.

No fails since AT though and I have been crushing the O/Us thrown at me.


Two types:

  1. The early realization that this is really not going to happen:

  1. The slow death:

Last night. during the 2nd interval i knew this was not going to go well. Legit surprised that i managed to the end, but many, many mid-interval breaks and some reduced intensity in that last interval. The extra sting is that this was an “achievable” workout according to AT.


Smith last week… tried to do it on the TT bike, which I haven’t spent a whole lot of time on recently. Probably wouldn’t have had an issue on the road bike.


This is my first failed workout in a long time and the first one with AT. I had family in town over the weekend and did so much walking my legs were dead on Monday. I struggled through Tuesdays VO2MAX work out but managed it well. Then today my motivation was low and my legs just weren’t there. What I learned is I should have listened to myself when I thought an endurance ride Tuesday would’ve helped me recover. Going to just take it easy today and follow the plan as is.


I tried to do Bergantino on Tuesday, and as soon as I hit the second interval I knew it wasn’t going to happen so I pulled the plug. I put stress/motivation as the reason, but I think I was also underfueled.

Tried it again yesterday after a better night of sleep, better fueling, and feeling more motivated, and it made a huge difference. Almost felt like a different workout altogether.


They say you can’t fail a Ramp Test, but here’s one where the TR Windows app decided to stop measuring power, heart rate and cadence 2.5 minutes after the start. It kept increasing the intensity, however, and I was well into feeling it. I bailed when I finally realized what was happening. With no intention of doing another test, I just set my FTP where I expected it to be. Adaptive Training has been doing a good job since then.


I love this topic, for me it helps to know I’m not the only one that struggles from time to time. I have always struggled with O/U’s and kitchen sink type work outs. Here my latest failure, Heng Shan…I knew I could no longer finish at %100 so I dialed it down to %90 just so I could complete. I always struggle with these…


Nice idea! I’ll gladly share mine from this morning…

FTP bump on Tuesday, followed by a savage workout 2.5 PLs above my new level (TR glitch), then I went trampolining last night, only got 6 hours sleep and then this workout this morning. I was just too beat to complete it. I’m sure I could’ve if I’d have slept better.


Argh … O/U the bain of my existence.

My 2nd to last ramp test may have overestimated my ability to handle threshold intervals. Had to put my pride aside and drop the FTP by 5-8 points. These are beyond manageable if you are able to get your HR in check during the under part


Keith? :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:


I don’t think the TR forum has the server space for me to show all of mine. My most common and foolish thought is “AT just doesn’t know how good I’m feeling today.”

I remember when more than one TR plan had the V02 workouts progressing from Taylor -2 (PL 2.9) all the way to Spencer +2 (PL 7.7 :skull_and_crossbones:) only three weeks later. I would check “All rides” for Spencer +2, and almost nobody would complete it. Kudos to TR for fixing all that with AT to create the best plans in the business.