H3 cassette close to frame?

I have a 2021 Emonda ALR hooked up to a Saris H3.

Is the cassette lock ring too close to the frame? Seems to spin freely and the cassette is torqued down.

For reference, what does your regular wheel and cassette look like in place?

There’s a little more clearance. Should it be exactly the same?

11 speed? Did you remove the 1.8mm spacer on the hub?

I can’t say if it’s right or wrong, as I don’t have that bike, but it does look too close to me. It’s got a fraction of a mm of clearance. I’d think the hanger should have a bit more space, in comparison to my bikes.

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Manufacturing tolerances being a factor (lots of parts in the dimension tolerance stacking), they could be “the same” but it wouldn’t be crazy to see some differences.

The trainer setup looks closer than I’d like to see, but that doesn’t mean it is “bad”. Hard to tell, but if this is an 11s cassette with smaller than a 34t Shimano cassette, you don’t want any spacer installed on the freehub before the cassette.

What is your exact setup as installed right now?

Looks to be a a SRAM, at least that’s what it says on the lock ring.

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It’s a SRAM 11 speed cassette 11/25.

I did remove the spacer and rubberband before installing.

Should I try the 148 mm axle spacer?

  • OK, that is all correct then.
  • No, your bike is 142mm spacing and you should stick with that.
  • Not to mention, that the 148mm spacer adds all the width to the non-drive side of the bike, so it would have no impact on your clearance issue at all.

So all else being equal then I just happen to have a tight fitting bike?

Yeah, one more thing to check. Make sure the free hub is fully seated/tightened into the trainer. There’s a black seal that fits at the base of the free hub which could be a visual indicator. See if you can wiggle the whole cassette body? You can try to take it apart and see if you can get it closer.

Also, the threads on the hub axle (on mine) were dry. I greased it when I changed from QR to thru axle.

Other than that, no clue, maybe it’s ok. :man_shrugging:

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Ditto on the adapter threads. Mine were bone dry, which I see as a mistake. So a bit of lube on them is always a good idea, IMO.

Here is the gap between the cassette and trainer body. There is no wobble or play.

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might be OK. Mine, better view of the freehub to shell.

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Here is the spacing difference with rear wheel back in

Uploading: 2F44AD33-92F4-46EB-AE25-FAE440A4D00F.jpeg…]()

With my bike, I have an ultegra cassette on the wheel and thus setup using that. The trainer has the SRAM cassette. Both are same gear spacing, but could the lockring of the SRAM be thicker than the Ultrgra?

I believe so. I think SRAM is bulbous and Ultegra is flat.

Serves me right for having a mishmosh of parts. :joy:

2016 SL on an H3 with Shimano cassette. Our dropouts look different though but as long as there’s no rub then should be ok

I swapped the SRAM cassette with my ultegra and I have a little more improvement. Still pretty tight but I think the thicker lockring on the SRAM is the culprit.

Does it rub? Check with the chain in the smallest cog too. If not then rock on.