Set power to Heart Rate

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Wasn’t sure which part of the forum to put this thread in so hope I guessed correctly.

So my question is this:
Is there any way you can set TrainerRoad to adjust your power to maintain a specific heart rate?
I am aiming to do 2 hour Z2 heart rate rides indoors and would prefer to switch off and let the smart meter adjust rather than me looking down every 5 mins to see how slowly time is going.

I have a smart turbo but want to work to heart rate (for various reasons) so not too interested in a thread about the differences between heart rate vs power accuracy…please lol.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

NO! :smiley: If only, though! I play this game a lot…make that up/down arrow your friend.

But I will say for the application the up/down arrow is probably adequate. You can easily get into an endless heartrate oscillation if you’re overadjusting. My strategy is to adjust by ~5%. Wait 30 seconds. Fine tune the adjustment. Wait 30 seconds.

Not easy to do if you’re doing a VO2max segment but much easier to accomplish during a Z2 workout.

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Ahhhh, didn’t think it did but thought I’d ask.

I was hoping I could just sit at a steady cadence and watch Netflix and let the turbo make subtle adjustments whilst I try to forget that my backside is getting tender lol.

If it’s really a Z2 workout set a HR alarm on your Garmin. Hear the beep…press the down arrow 5x…wait 30 seconds…etc…

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