Serving vs scoop question

Anyone know how many scoops there are to get 1 serving of this product?

I cannot compel myself to purchase the product because the menthol flavor just makes me want to toss my cookies. (I tried the gel)

This is not an endorsement of this product. No affiliation. Just adding it to our app and making sure we’ve got the scoops/servings relationship calibrated appropriately.

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Haha …I bought this when it was heavily discounted, also since I was curious.

I can confirm your thoughts on the flavor … very much not good!
Used once, and now that I have been reminded it is in the back of the cupboard will dispose of it properly :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Thank you!

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I’ve never used this product, but other SiS products such as whey and recovery powder do not match scoop to serving size at all

If you go by weight - a single scoop will have a huge difference compared to the label. In the pictures above it indicates 248 calories in 65g, or 248 calories in 3 scoops. I assume the 248/65 is correct, but that 248/3 is not. Said more simply - I highly doubt that 3 scoops of this SiS product will weigh 65g

What’s the variance been for you? How far off?

For the proteins it’s pretty dramatic. Maybe 30-40%

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Realized I had an unopened SiS recovery so I can give you actual data

Serving size on the container is 3 scoops/50 grams. Each scoop of the mix, using the scoop provided in the container, is 20g, so 3 scoops is 60g. If you aren’t weighing and just scooping, you’re getting an extra 10g per serving

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