Sensors all disconnect at once on iPad TR (requires app restart)

TR on my iPad has had a few instances where the number of sensors suddenly drops to 0 (from 3 - trainer, power, HR), and requires a TR app restart to take effect. This is super annoying mid ride, as I need to close the app, reopen, resync ride, and possibly delete strava dupes. On the rollers it’s even more annoying as it basically requires getting off the bike.

This is a 5 year old ipad “pro” (I think the last gen before face ID), and it’s not runnning any other app (it’s just an old iPad I “recycled” for the trainer).

Have an

Has anyone experienced similar issues? I’m happy to point at specific rides on my profile. Garroby+7 on the 19th of Feb was one such example, where all the drops were due to that factor (I didn’t otherwise get off the bike).