Self evaluation falsely taken as „too intense“ by TR

So I did an IRL Ride today – 4 h at IF 0.76, NP >80 % FTP, 245 TSS.
I assigned it to a previously setup 5 h outdoor endurance workout (Minazimu) with TSS 222.

In the self evaluation I stated „hard“ and then (because of) „intensity“. Now TR calls this „too intense“… which I disagree with;-)

  • What implications does the „too intense“ have for adaptive training?
  • I considered this a hard workout, as one/me would expect for 4 h at such power values, simply intense, nothing about TOO intense… should TR simply change their wording or what else is there to do?
  • are there any other implications of the“too intense“?

I would just associate it with a 4hr workout - Longfellow?. There’s a bunch in the high 0.6’s on a quick look. I couldn’t even see Miamzumu though so there may be more there that are in the 0.7 range.

I wouldn’t be too stressed about it thinking you’ve failed a 9.1 Endurance workout. I highly doubt you’re setting your Endurance rides off of your PL if this was just a test. TR can still see your output if you have ridden over the target.

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Thanks @liam_mail , I‘d “assigned“ the workout before I decided on the ride. And TSS wise I did more than planned for 5 h…
Would it still be more.appropriate to use an easier 4 h workout?

Obviously, I could also simply have stated “moderate” on difficulty, but that would not align with my feeling of the ride…

Btw., I am a newbie trying to make use of TR – and trying to improve TR suggestions for my somewhat weird schedules…

I don’t know the answers to your questions sorry. Just in terms of avoiding the failure survey is what I’m thinking.

Other option is finding a long tempo workout.

AI, as far as I understand, does not focus on one workout but looks at trends over time. I wouldn’t worry about or obsess over the rating for one workout. It will all shake out in the end.

I’ve never seen it give the struggle survey after the regular survey unless you answered “all out”. Perhaps just a misclick/mistap that you can change?

I’ve gotten the struggle survey twice now when answering “hard”. It was for achievable WL that was just under PL when not fully recovered from previous intense workout. Makes me a bit fun shy about answering hard now.

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@liam_mail , how would have selecting a Tempo workout changed the picture?
Indeed, I selected ‘endurance’ as it was the only one with a >4 h duration I could find – which was in relation to the originally planned >6 h ride (which I had to cancel/change for other duties in the morning).

Point is that I am new to TR and currently find myself in SST-training only, with an A-race coming up in <6 weeks, one of which is bike-free for other reasons.
Overall, TR only has 3 VO2max and 1 Threshold workouts before the A race! All others are endurance or SST – at 5–6 workouts/week (which I partly substitute by outdoor workouts and/or group rides).
Not sure this – these very few HIIT workouts – really makes sense;-)

And because I do lot’s of endurance and Tempo work in group rides, I want TR/AT at least to realize that I do so… And of course a 4 h ride at NP corresponding to Tempo is hard. No need to wonder why that is.

It might be that AT considers this a failed workout as you assigned your 4 hour workout to a 5 hour TR workout. If that is the case I think you will get the struggle questionnaire regardless of how you rate the workout.

A bit difficult to give advise as this is an outdoor activity that you have assigned to a partly matching TR workout. But if you had done it inside and stopped after 4 hours AT would consider that as a failed workout. In that case you could have stated time as reason or “I didn’t struggle” which both would have told AT that you didn’t stop because the workout was too hard.

If we assume that AT is handling outside workouts in a similar way you have in essence stopped a workout an hour short and told AT it was because the workout was too intense.


I guess @Torneng nailed it – thank you! :slight_smile:

I went into the calendar, added a 4 h Tempo workout for the day, reassigned the ride to that and deleted the 5 h endurance ride. Then I re-evaluated the ride, said hard – and that’s it. it now says “hard”, but not “too hard”.

Thank you all for the explanations and help!


It’s been my experience that AT doesn’t like if you mark an endurance ride hard, no matter the PL, duration or IF. It appears AT assumes z2 should only be easy or moderate, which I disagree.