Seeing shifting in WKO5

I figured this would be an easy google search, but alas. . . Can anyone tell me how to get DI2 shifts to show in WKO5? I’m riding 12 speed DI2 ultegra and I can see the gears on my Garmin 830 but they don’t see to show anywhere else. Is there a setting I’m missing?

I’d search the FB group.

FWIW I’ve been seeing shifts in WKO5 with rides recorded with my 530/840 and SRAM eTap, ever since getting my first eTap shifting.

What chart are you using in WKO5 to see shifts?

Thanks, but I’m not on Facebook.

That is their main support forum. Easy enough to create a fake account to ask questions there.

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I’ll post something soon, and try to help.

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Send a ticket to TP support. Most likely get back to you in less than 2 hours today.

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Thank you, all!

If you are seeing on the 830 they should be recorded. Lets double check in WKO. Pull up a ride and select the Details

Then look at Channels:

you should see “frontgear” and “reargear” in the list, do you?

if you do, then add the Gear Shifts dashboard to the workout. I already have that, but here are the steps:


Let me know if you see the frontgear and reargear Channels!

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At work now, but I will do this as soon as I get home. Thank you so much for taking the time.

no problem, happy to help, took me 2 minutes to post screen shots.

It all starts with having the Channels in WKO. Hopefully you are syncing from Garmin Connect to TrainingPeaks. If you are syncing from Strava to TrainingPeaks, then you have a good chance that Strava doesn’t send the gear shifts to TP.

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Yes, Garmin Connect to TP.



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Off topic, but Strava and TrainingPeaks do not have an active sync between the two.

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Nope! The channels are not in the workout details.

I’ve got SRAM. On the 530 and 840 it is connected as eTap. On the 840 I can see a front/rear shifting count on the ride summary (and not in Garmin Connect), and on SRAM’s site, WKO, and in tools like (that one is a bit advanced).

On your Garmin, have you put a gears field like the one in the lower right?


In this case, have you double checked that your shifters are showing up connected in Sensors?

So it looks like this might be it. I had the field, but not in the profile I was using. Complete user error!

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