Searching for Local Criterium Races in and/or near by A New City (e.g. Emeryville, CA area)

How do you search for local criterium races in a potential town online?

The background
I am new to the cycling race as I started local criterium in NYC last year, and I would like to keep racing in the next potential city if possible. I am considering moving from NYC to somewhere south, and one of the cities I am thinking to move is in Emeryville, CA. So I did a quick search on to figure out what local criteriums are hosted in the potential areas. I searched by using filters as “road race” within 100 miles of 94608 (Emeryville, CA), and I found only 5 races (3 in March, 1 in April, and 1 in Sep). I thought that seems relatively lower number than I expected. In NYC, there are some club races such as CRCA so maybe I am missing those local club names or do I need to expand search area more than 100 miles radius? Or is it simply not posted in BikeReg yet…?
Any insight on how to find races locally is appreciated.

Thank you for reading, and cheers!

For Emeryville you can use, it’s the Norcal-Nevada USAC chapter. Non-USAC stuff may not be in there. Typically there is a crit almost every weekend.

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Thank you for the link. Now, I see more races posted there.

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The NCNCA calendar is pretty full, and the schedule is updated regularly. Not everything is on BikeReg yet, but if you go based off the NCNCA calendar you can find the planned upcoming races. There are some unsanctioned races on there. For any other region you should be able to find their local USAC association website for a similar sort of schedule.

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