Scratches in a carbon fork, issue or not?

Disclaimer, I would usually take these questions to my LBS, but they are closed till future notice… Stupid COVID.

I am looking to buy a cross/gravel bike this year and found a pretty good looking one on The Pro’s Closet used, but there are a few scratches on the carbon that have me a little nervous. Full disclosure, I’ve never bought a used bike at all before, and I have little experience with evaluating bike condition. Long and short, would these scratches/chips worry you?

Thanks everyone, stay safe and sane!

Those look 100% cosmetic…and The Pros Closet would not likely sell something they thing could be structural rly damaged.


Cosmetic, don’t worry bout it

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Carbon fibre is black, so probably only the final damage is exposing any carbon. Unless there are exposed fibres, I wouldn’t worry. Bear in mind nobody can be 100% sure until you get an ultrasound done, it’s just people’s best guess.

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Thanks all, appreciate the input a ton.

If your worried about exposed carbon, if you have a car painting friend, just get some clearcoat to touch it up.

I went ahead and pulled the trigger, was a good price and I want to get out on the gravel since everything road is cancelled :frowning: