Saris H3 or Wattbike Atom?

A bit of a strange choice as they are quite different but ignoring cost (UK based so Atom pricing is better) which would be your choice?

I have had a Cycleops Hammer and H2, both of which I have enjoyed in the past few years.

I would happily go for an H3, but curious whether going for the Atom would be a worthwhile step.

Easier adjustability - both myself and my wife can get comfortable on it, without having to change bikes.
Increased stability - High power out the saddle type intervals with less fear of breaking.
I did an out of saddle sprint on my S Works Venge last year and I bent the skewer, frame jumped out and crunched back down. Fortunately just superficial damage.

170mm cranks - I usually run 165mm cranks
Bike Fit - Not sure I can get the Atom to exactly match my road bike position. The fit calculator says that the max range is 75mm for forward adjustment, and they calculate that I will need 101.
Also not sure it will go low enough at the front for me, as the minimum is a range of 571mm.
Space - I have plenty of spare bikes, so having the Atom won’t save me 1 bike worth of garage space.

Any thoughts or opinions on the two?

I have had an Atom for 2 months and really like it. To be honest I never had smart trainer before so it was all new to me. I do find quick sprint difficult as the Atom doesn’t seem to react in time, but I have it set 3 second smoothing.

It is certainly rock solid and is certainly well made.


The reviews of the Saris H3 make it seem like the most responsive in ERG mode at the moment, though I guess it is mostly a firmware thing?

I’m going to try my friend’s Wattbike Atom in a couple of days to give it a go.
The other downside is that there is approx 8-10 week wait time for one at the moment in the UK!

H3 is nice when it works, but I’m now on my 4th unit since November, so can’t really recommend it

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Thats not ideal!

Anyone had any experience of sharing trainers with significant others with slightly different bike fit?
We are both similar height, but I have short legs, long arms, and she has the opposite.

I had looked for a quick adjustable seatpost like the ones you see on spin bikes, but can’t find anything to fit.
I’d also considered dropper seatposts, but not sure whether you can get them to pre defined heights?

No. I share with my son though, but the ideal is to get 2 trainer setups, so time can be overlapped instead of waiting. Short workouts are OK, but when time crunched, it’s not ideal to share. My $0.02.

I had this before, with a cycleops H1 and and H2, but space restrictions mean having one trainer makes more sense!