Saris H3 vs Tacx Neo 2T

My Kickr Core is starting to act up and not maintain power. This is the third Core I’ve had with similar issues, and that’s after two Snap’s with their own problems. Wahoo customer service has been great through all of my previous problems, and I suspect they’ll be helpful again. I’m going to try some basic maintenance such as cleaning the optical sensor (any tips on this would be appreciated). However, if it goes like the previous ones I’ll be in the market for a new trainer. After five previous Wahoo units I’m not sure I can keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome.

Therefore, what do you recommend between an H3 and 2T, and why? Thanks!!

They are both very different but depends on form factor, price range, erg vs non and what experience you are looking at. Cannot really go wrong with either.

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