Saris H3 Discussion/Issues

Halfords by any chance? I had a nightmare with them yesterday leading to their customer service telling me I could return it that day in store for a full refund but then the store manager flat refusing to help and giving me the same customer service number that had told me to take it to store! Absolute wasters!

Can you share the link for ordering the belt?

I’m trying to replace my belt at the moment. I bought a cheaper nonbranded version online. It turns out Saris have changed the belt they use & I hadn’t realised. :man_facepalming:

The one I have bought is marked “150S5M930” and I got it from totally belts who were really really slow to ship: BANDO STD Timing Belts - 150S5M930

It has ribs running across the width of the belt (as you can see in the link above).

The belt that was in my trainer is marked ‘370J’ and has ribs running along the length of the belt so they’re not interchangeable. They’ve also clearly changed the shape of the cog to match the belt. The 370J version is 930mm long- I can’t find a non branded version this length online.

If anyone in the UK is after the 150S5M930 belt I’d be happy to send my new and unused one to them for the cost of postage and packing- just check its the right one for you first!

Sure thing. I ended up ordering two. Partially so I’d have a backup and partially in case one might get here quicker. I got one from a place called Off Road Belts and found the other on Amazon. I ordered both first thing Monday morning. The Amazon order will get here tonight, and the one from Off Road Belts will get here on Saturday, and shipped out the day after I ordered it. They’re based out of IA, I think, so they’re smack in the middle of the country for delivery instead of having to ship all the way crosscountry.

It’s a timing belt with dimensions “150-S5M-930”

Assuming the belt gets here tonight, I’ll probably end up installing it tomorrow morning and posting after to let everyone know how it went.

Edit to add: this is for the original CycleOps Hammer and, I think, the H2. The H3 apparently uses a different belt.

OK, replaced the belt this morning and gave it a quick test ride. Everything was pretty straightforward and simple, and the whole operation took about 25-30 leisurely minutes kinda taking stock of everything and making sure there weren’t any other issues. I think the whole operation could be done in 10-15 minutes if you had the belt in hand and just wanted to do a quick replacement.

Pro tip: If you want to avoid a “Wow, I’m a dummy.” moment, remember to flip the leg out to get to the window for the 5mm Allen head on the belt tension screw.

Instructions from Saris here:


We (my wife and I) are looking at getting a new trainer. We’ve currently got a Minoura wheel-on magnetic resistance model. Current front runner is the Saris H3 but there’s also the Kickr Core at the same price and the Elite Direto X at £200 less.

I’ll most likely be using whichever unit with Powermatch and a 4iiii power meter. My wife will just have the unit.

We’ve both got reasonably new chains so will probably just fit a cheap 10spd cassette for both of us to use rather than swapping it each time. Shouldn’t be a problem so long as one of us doesn’t hog the machine!

Any thoughts on the above models or why we should choose one over the others?

I would go either Wahoo or Saris

I put this in another thread, but you will likely get a great machine - both seem wahoo and saris seem to have improved their product to where there are few with struggles but most are working well

However if you didn’t get a good one = go with the one that has the best repair service, customer service or store warranty for you if the cost is similar. If again you had to return or replace - they are freaking heavy so local would be better. Which of the retailers will have your back!

Love my original hammer

In the end she went for the Saris. Arrived today but not set it up yet.

Just in time for autumn! :+1:


Interested to see how you went, I’m in Melbourne too (I assume this will apply for all of Australia) but getting in touch with Saris was an absolute nightmare, basically swore me off them for good when my current H2 gives up the ghost.

I never heard back from Saris… so I had a mate work magic on it:

It’s working… but reading ~50W high or so even with a few spindowns. I assume this is to do with the belt tension. I’ll loop back to it one day… or loop it into the local metal recyclers.

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seems Saris support has gone to the outhouse.

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I’d love to see some more details on the fix - I love stuff like this, and I’m not afraid of a soldering iron :slight_smile: Hope mine never needs this…

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Well, if your mate needs more mates and wants to fix more trainers :slight_smile: ha!

Hopefully my scenario won’t have to resolve to what you posted, very interesting to see though thanks for that. Think if it’s more complex than a belt, will bite the bullet and get a different manufacture trainer, assuming I can get my mitts on one.

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It’s in the IG linked. It was (one of?) the power diodes (didn’t say which), but it’s easy to find. Well, at least it powered on and reads power. Some more bits may be damaged…which sucks, testing transistor by transistor, can be mind alteringly numb.

Only found this site AFTER I ordered my H3 - reviews I read seemed to give quite high marks to the H3 (I am not too worried about relatively accuracy issues as I tend to focus on Heart Rate when cycling due to Heart specialist recommendations, + cadence I hope to get from separate Garmin sensor on a crank arm).
This will be my first smart trainer at home (I have previously used a Computrainer in a class setting) - in my ignorance I assumed everything will be just better with a smart trainer!
Hoping that long list of entries I read here reflects popularity of H3 for ERG-mode usage (rather than seriously sub-standard quality) !!
As background I live in Canada, and checked with Saris that I could get customer service direct from them rather than being required to go through the UK-based on-line retailer - So hopefully I will not be stuck with transport charges across Atlantic to get any issues addressed.
Pricing, even after allowing for transport, was some 30% lower than local prices). Retailer (ChainReaction) has confirmed it is a brand-new (ie not a ‘customer-returned’) item. However, I was not able to get any indication as to when unit was built - I gather from this thread that more recent units have incorporated changes to address certain issues.
Delivery expected today - I may be back looking for help!

Hhmmm - No indication H3 is powering up - Any advice as to what to try ?

Based on comments in this thread, I looked in the power port, could see a split pin but as the connection seemed a little loose I inserted small screwdriver and gently pried the two pins slightly further apart. Connection now seems ‘tighter’ when I plug in, but still no indication H3 is powering up.
The power block has a small green light which glows when inserted into wall outlet (which takes a minute or longer to fade away when I unplug it from the wall outlet.)

Background (see preceeding post): H3 actually delivered today - all seemed great with Jan 26th 2021 date stamp on package (so perhaps this is reasonably uptodate H3).

UPDATE OCT 18th - RESOLVED with one phone call to Saris customer service - they identifed that the ‘bendy bit’ (my technical term) which plugs into the H3 & connects to the power cord was defective. Will supply replacement part thru mail.
fyi dealing with customer service went very smoothly - pleasant experience.


Hi Shane, do you sell It?
I have a friend of mine that maybe can fix It, Better then if you trash maybe.

Update me

It’s in the corner waiting for me to find the time to look at the belt tension.

Ok, in case write me.

PS: for belt tensione adjustment you suppose this tension Is actually too low and generate over Reading or Is the opposite, so too High and over Reading?

Me too. And great deal. But now I need a new road/gravel bike to go with it. :grin: