Santa Fe New Mexico trail knowledge

I will be in Santa Fe next week and am considering bringing my mountain bike. I have never been so curious if anyone can suggest some routes. It looks like La Tierra, and Dale Ball are both fairly close to where I’ll be staying. I’m looking XC’ish trails that I can use for 60-120 minutes rides/workouts. If there are some trails that I shouldn’t miss definitely let me know. Thanks!

The Winsor Trail is a pretty cool area and a good workout if you ride up. Gets up to some pretty high elevation and it’s a fun trip down. There are a few nice spots along the way and just off the trail on a couple of others that branch off from there. It’s a long climb from the bottom but I think doable by most.

I’ve been wanting to ride Dale Ball myself but haven’t made the trip over there in a while, maybe this year…

My sister lives and rides in Santa Fe:

”Yes, both trail systems are great and have lots of options. Ride both of them. Don’t miss ‘Hustle & Flow’ that is part of La Tierra trails. Easiest access is from the Calabasas trailhead.”


”If he has time he should drive to Galisteo Basin Preserve and ride the trails out there. 50 miles of trails. Three different trailheads to park and ride from. My favorite trail system about 45 minutes south of Santa Fe.”

Hope that helps.


Perfect thank you, I will hopefully have time to get down to Galisteo.

Be mindful that if you ride the Winsor or anything else up high there’s still quite a bit of snow in places. Everything in/near town is looking pretty good.

I’ve been curious about riding gravel in and around Santa Fe. Anyone know if some/all of the above mentioned trails are gravel friendly?


I rode some of La Tierra on a gravel bike (well, cross).