Santa Cruz Stigmata 4

This looks interesting

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Best part’s the UDH, I think.

Would love to run SRAM Transmission on my next gravel bike.



Some riding impressions from an MTB’ers POV:

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They definitely when “full MTB” on this one. It’s not quite as wild as the Chamois Hagar, but it’s closer to that now than the more “racy, road-like” geo that the 3rd gen had. Slack HT + Long Reach = massive Wheelbase. I get why they are doing it and know that some will likely love it, but it’s now a bike I can ignore. The 3rd gen was my 2nd choice up to buying my Cosmic Stallion Ti recently, since it still had a geo that is mostly road bike related.


I have a Tarmac SL7, what I don’t want is a gravel bike thats another road bike. So I’ve been looking at gravel bikes that lean heavily toward MTB. My LBS buddy keeps wanting me to buy a Checkpoint but its too close to a road bike for what I want - only have 2 bikes and I’m not getting back into MTBing so a crossover gravel/MTB is what I want (on paper).


I have a Stiggy v3 and it’s great on and off road which is one of the reasons I bought it. I have a set of gravel wheels and a set of road wheels, and my old road bike only sits on the trainer. I think this version is likely great on the dirt but it seems like it would likely leave a lot to be desired on the road.

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sounds good because I sometimes take my Tarmac SL7 on mixed road and dirt. I’ve done a gravel event on the SL7 with 35mm as measured tires on a wide all-road wheelset. Perfect.

What I want is a bike that is better on dirt, gravel, and single track without buying an MTB.

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Hopefully someone can change the geometry on bike insights…. :joy:

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Looks like it’s missing head tube angle per the data. Likely because the official one on the SC site doesn’t list it. I grabbed it from the fuller chart on Escape Collective (69.5*). It is also missing the fork info, that I grabbed from the “Frame” section on the SC page (430mm A-C, 45mm offset).

Here is my chart with a focus on my old bikes and some I researched, around the 56cm / Large size range.

ETA: I just sent an email to Bike Insights with the info and will see what they say.


Yup…akin to my post in the Hookless wheel thread, here is a great example of taking trends in one category and slapping them into another (Although the Chamois Hagar is probably the best example).

I (personally) don’t want a MTB-Lite…I want a gravel bike that is designed to be racy, a heavier-duty roadie, if you will.

If I am gonna ride the type of terrain where this bike would excel, I’m gonna be on a MTB.


I think it will be a great bike and handle well for plenty of riders. Just like the range of MTB’s (XC thru DH), there is potential for a “Gravel bike” having a rather wide swath of bike geo’s and capabilities. Good to have them all covered, but I am personally not interested in the ones leaning towards the MTB end since I will grab my HT or fully when I want to get rowdy :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep. I already have a SC Tallboy and Specialized Stumpy Evo. If I wanted more than my Stiggy and less than the Tallboy, I’d buy a hard tail mtb. I have no interest in a of a dropper or suspension fork for gravel as I’m looking for that “underbiking” feel.


Yup…there is definitely a market opportunity here, it just isn’t the bike for me.


y’all have too many bikes! I’m not even close to buying another bike, but this one is worth trying along with some other rowdier gravel bikes and a couple hard tails.

I guess it wasn’t the exact bike that Keegan rode to Unbound 200 victory, so kudos to Santa Cruz for not trying to play that angle.

I’m pretty sure it is the same frame, but he obviously did not run the suspension fork. I would assume he used a suspension-geo rigid fork.

Yeah, AFAIK this is the same frameset and such. All the details revealed match up with the visual analysis of Keegan’s bike that I saw.

Just different group for the most part, since SC doesn’t seem to be going full Mullet for stock builds or offering suspension at this time. Seemingly leaving that to users to build from a frameset or swap out from completes.

Better not tell that to Mikes Bikes website!

Looks like they do offer it on one build, the Force 1x. I missed that when scrolling the SC site.

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$8000 for a Force AXS build (without suspension)? Yikes!