Sagan Transfer Rumor -- Deceuninck-Quick-Step?

I have seen a few videos discussing Sagan’s potential transfer after a bit of public tension with his team and a lack of a few results over the last few years. If he went to DQS, that would add to an already stacked lineup, and give him a more Classics-oriented team that may actually help get him back into contention in these races where he’s essentially won solo in the past. I know he’s not on the form of the Sagan from 2012-2018, but still.

Curious about everyone’s thoughts on this?? It makes sense to me, since there is no doubt that Specialized wants to keep him in their stable, and DQS is sponsored by Specialized.

Sagan brings a huge price tag with him…and Deceunick is known for being pretty tight with rider salaries. If they sign him, it will be because Specialized picked up a huge chunk of his salary.

I also don’t know if he can fit a “Wolfpack” approach to racing. He is kinda egocentric. Is he gonna just ride wheels when a teammate heads up the road in a race he really wants to win?


All good points. However, in watching Flanders this weekend, he was having to make late-race moves to try and close down gaps himself, while DQS in general, and Alaphilippe and Asgreen in particular, were able to sit on a bit and recover while one of their teammates closed a gap or initiated an attack. While he wouldn’t necessarily be the leader in all of his target races (or at least he’d have to share), he might be able to save a lot of energy and benefit from the more organized team tactics. Likewise, DQS may benefit from having yet another rider that other teams have to watch carefully, allowing another team member to slip away, create confusion, or gain a tactical advantage, etc.


Riders go to Quickstep and they win. Riders leave and they stop winning. It honestly sounds like it could be a good move for Sagan.

For the last few years I was thinking that Sagan would just quit the World Tour and go race mountain bikes and try and win a gold medal.



Must be a Sep Vanmarcke fan … :shushing_face:

I hate that idea. It’s like the Warriors getting Durant or any number of over starred teams that remove the parity.

People were giving MVdP jip for demanding too much money, saying he should have gone to DQS for less.

We want more riders supported by strong teams, not one strong team and an uninterested field.

I think Sagan would do well with a team supporting him, he still has to find that top level of strength. He didn’t seem able to follow the wheels at Flanders and Bora weren’t strong enough to bring him back to the front.

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Same here, I don’t think he can function well inside a structure like the DQS one. Doesn’t suit his personality either, I think it would quickly collide with Don Lefevre’s.

Also does Specialized still need him? DQS has Evenepoel, who if he makes a succesful comeback is the golden child for both DQS and Specialized. And they have Alaphilippe who might not be showing the best form now but is still the current world champ.

It’s hard to imagine him in a different team than Bora for some reason, maybe UAE pick him up since Kristoff might not be around much longer. They’re also likely do sign Almeida end of this year.

Sagan needs to get his head right if he wants to return to the top of the sport. He hasn’t been the same racer since his divorce. Can Quick-Step fix what is apparently a motivation problem? At age 31, he should have 2 more years of top potential.

Sagan is special because he’s talented and a personality. He’s easy to market.

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Would be kinda hilarious. Sam Bennet left Bora-Hansgrohe because he was annoyed to constantly play second fiddle behind Sagan. So there would be for sure some tension. Especially since Bennet is clearly in better form than Sagan, but Sagan is the publicity machine. So it doesn’t sound like a good move for either, Sagan or DQS.