Peter Sagan! This has nothing to do with TR, training, or really anything on this forum

FIRST CLASS!! Today’s win is how it is done on that level, from the nutty sprint to the congratulations fist bump to second place dude He is the best in the business on so many levels (oh and the ultimate showman). He is what Pro Cycling needs!!! I would love to have a beer or 8 with that guy. He is my cycling man crush :joy:

OH and I heard he may ditch road after his Bora contract is up and go back to dirt! Can you get any more cooler!


He is fun to watch.

I think his choice of bike at the Olympic Games showed where his heart belongs. He’s a character for sure and it’s hard not to like him.

I really hope he makes a move to the MTB XCO Circuit, it will be awesome to watch him and Nino go at it!
He will also be a serious contender if he goes for something like the Cape Epic!

Let’s hope he goes tubeless next time :slight_smile:

He will probably have Van Der Poel and Nino to deal with in Tokyo if he doesn’t race road.

Will wait and see. Personally I think he is a much more calculating money making machine than many give him (dis)credit for.

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