Safest helmets ..... VA Tech tested vs not tested?

Sorry if the title was confusing…but I’m stuck and could use some advice! I flew over my handlebars and got a concussion and broken collar bone about 15 years ago. I was stupid and didn’t have a helmet on at the time. I’m older and hopefully wiser now!

I’m tall and have a big head…roughly 63cm so I’m at the cut off of alot of brands large size. A Large Trek helmet won’t fit, but a Large Specialized seems to. My current helmet is a relatively cheap Giro with MIPS and it’s comfortable but not well ventilated and I definitely have that mushroom look going for me. I’m leaning towards a new Specialized helmet along with an ANGi sensor for a little more piece of mind.

I can get an XL Specialized Align with MIPS for $60, but that’s not included in the Virginia Tech listing. A Prevail II is alot more money, but tested very well (5 stars) but that’s like $275. Knowing options are relatively limited in the size I need, do you think it’s worth spending alot more for a helmet that tested well for safety vs one that’s still safe (MIPS) but not tested?

I think if safety is as important to you as it seems, then you should stick with the helmet that is tested.

I don’t imagine there’s much anecdotal evidence that can be offered on this forum that would be more informative to you than proper scientific testing.

But if price concerns you then just try on as many of the tested helmets as possible and see which one is comfiest and cheapest.