What's your favourite saddle?

What saddle do you use indoor and do you use a different one outdoors on your main bike?

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Currently the Selle Italia SP-01 Superflow in/out.

I can’t bring myself to buy another Specialized Power Mimic just to use inside, so I use the less comfortable Specialized Oura Expert Gel that the Mimic replaced. I don’t sit on the trainer for more than a couple hours, and the Oura is generally fine for that duration.

SMP for me (evolution), inside and outside. But it takes time to get used to it. I used to get lot of struggle with saddles as I have a very narrow pelvis. I tried a lot of them, of all forms. Some better than others. Jumping on this one was torture at first. Like the worse of all I tried. And after two weeks, from one day to the other boom, sweetspot, no pain anymore.

It also sorted my low back pain, as I am now sitting properly. Unfortunately, saddle is very personal. But finding the width which fits you is very important. Also, a lot of saddle problems are caused by improper (understand too big ) reach, causing you to slide forward and sit on the saddle where you are not supposed to. Fixed position of the trainer can exacerbate any improper fit/saddle.

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same saddle for indoor and outdoor bikes: san marco aspide

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I’m using the Bontrager Aeolus Elite both inside and out, not perfect but I have no issues sub-2hr inside and sub-4 outside, and 95% of my riding falls in that realm

Road bike indoors and outdoors I currently use a Bontrager Montrose Pro, its good, not quite as good as the Specialized Romin I used to use but much lighter and matches the other equiptment on the bike. I’ve done 6+ hour outdoor rides and 4 hour indoor rides with it, no issues, though I am curious to try the Bontrager Aeolus as well.

Mountain bike I use an older Bontrager Evoke with chromoly rails, its comfy even without using padded shorts, but there is a newer version of it called the Arvada that I’m curious to try.

Oddly, the road saddle I use (Montrose) is designed for road and trail, and actually came with my mountain bike as stock equiptment, so has me wanting to try something a bit firmer on the MTB

Same saddle indoors and outdoors: Specialized Phenom.
I’ve tried others but the Phenom just works for me.

I’ve had good luck with the stock saddle that comes on all of my Specialized bikes, the Phenom. I have the Phenom on my road bike, 2 cross bikes, and mountain bike. Now that I think about it I need to get one for my trainer bike. I went with a cheaper Specialized saddle to save money and I’m either getting sores because of the saddle or because I don’t get up out of the saddle much during trainer workouts.

I like the open version of the aspide a lot, the one with a central channel.

My true favorite is the Berk Lupina, but I’ve only got one and as much as I like it they’re expensive.

Specialized Power and Power Arc.

My trainer bike is my outdoor bike, so it’s the S-Works Power.

On my last bike (17 Propel), I went from the Giant Contact Mid to the Pro Stealth Carbon and thought it was the beez kneez. But when I borrowed a mates Tarmac over the last christmas period (which lead me to buy my own Tarmac), I loved the Power saddle more than the Stealth so I put on on my new bike straight away.

Specialized Toupe’ S Works on the race bikes, any other model Toupe’ on every other bike. I have 6 of them or so. Specialized Phenom works as well but the Toupe’ is my fav by far.

Except for a year on Flites, San Marco Regal – or the new Regale – since 1988.

ISM performance short 1.0. If I was going to use a different one inside, I would probably use the one with slightly more padding.

Fabric Scoop 142: “Flat” on both outdoor bikes and a “Shallow” on the beater attached to the Tacx.

I use an ISM Prologue-saddle with 40 padding indoors. I don’t have as much problems with numbness as I had with my previous “standard”-saddle. Still have problems after 1,5h tough.

Brand-X, 155 mm with cut-out, for ladies, for like 10 EUR/USD. I’m a fast male. Couldn’t be happier with it, indoors as well as outdoors.