Sacrilege?...... or am I being ungrateful? Too many workouts?

Whilst I am grateful for the variety of workouts I really stick with a few.
This choice is governed by time in the saddle, the nature of the workout i.e. Recovery, Endurance, VO2 etc has or does anyone use a significant portion of the >1000 workouts we have available or is this really a marketing tool?
Do I have the boredom threshold of a log and don’t mind repeating Pettit or Spanish Needles?
Or am I missing a trick?
EDIT: My interest is if a more varied workout within the same framework would give me more training benefit than one with fewer different intervals within it.

A lot of the workouts provide the same stimulus but by mixing it up it helps to keep people entertained.

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I should probably learn how to use the custom workout builder but with such a big library most things are covered. If i’m doing my own thing, e.g. specific progressive weekly increases (4x5, 5x5, 6x5, etc.) then the library caters for this.

It doesn’t normally bother me tbh. Endurance workouts are where I really notice - if I’m on the hybrid rollers, I prefer steady targets. Where as if I’m on my smart turbo I prefer to make use of erg, so may swap pettit for something like baxter -2, maybe dialled down a touch to match the planned intensity.

I personally love the variety and the filters. Like most you will have some workouts you lean more towards than others but for me the variety helps stave off boredom. In addition you can play around with insensity adjustment if you get bored. I occasionally throw a few 150% or higher insensity bursts on the intervals. If nothing else it will stimulate your autonomic nervous system.

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I’ve been a member of TR for 3 years and have listened to many of their podcasts and not once have I heard or read anything about “1000’s of workouts”. It’s not a marketing tool at all. There are many ways to ride a bike and perform a workout. If they had say 10 workouts you’d probably be here complaining that they have a lack of variety.

I’ve always wondered if, with all the + and - versions, there are two identical workouts, but with different names.

There may be some, but they are not intentional. The progression of adding workouts to fill niches, combined with the need rename some, has lead to some very similar workouts. But if you look at them close enough, you will usually find differences in intensity, duration, recover time, etc. that make them “different” even if they are very similar.

No, I wouldn’t have thought there are intentional ‘twins’. Maybe this can be a forum competition, find identical workouts! A bit like finding the google search term that leads to exactly one result. :smile:

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Ironically, on Wednesday I had to run a few errands and did a longer tougher ride than expected. So today I did Clark -2 rather than Clark, which was in my plan. TBF I would have stopped at 60 minutes if the alternative wasn’t available.